Mariam Mikiashvili , Project Manager

I have been working at the organization Child, Family, Society since 2013 as a project manager for blind education, apart from being the special teacher I am visually impaired. Many challenges and every day difficulties had influenced my decision to choose an appropriate profession to improve the living conditions of visually impaired people in Georgian. The experience of living and studying in America had an outstanding impact on my choice; however, I faced the great difficulty to find the appropriate faculty in Georgia. Finally I have started Sociology. Having acquired the BA diploma in Sociology I have gone to Norway, at Oslo University to get my MA in special Pedagogy. I have spent two years in Oslo, I used to study and travel a lot at different European countries. I had volunteered couple of month in Blind Union of Norway.
Returned in Georgia I have started working in #202 Public School for Blind in Tbilisi, I have established the NGO “MARIANI”, which works on educational, rehabilitation and integration issues of blind and partially sighted persons in my country. I am involved into the project “Reading for Better Future” from the very beginning, I do my best to maximally realize my potential and contribute my personal part into improvement of the education for visually impaired children.